Avocado and Feta Smash

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Not long ago after I submitted by Feta Cheesecake recipe to Hellenic Lifestyle’s Feta Challenge, I challenged my wife Nicky to post something. The truth is that if we wait for Nicky to actually go into the kitchen,  we will all have flowers growing under our feet.  I have watched several avocados go from fresh green to rotten brown on the counter just to end up in the trash.  Oh my sweet Nicky, how can one not have enough time to make a dish that doesn’t even requite cooking?  In order to save yet another avocado from the garbage can, I decided that while she was at work today, I would make her favorite smash recipe and submit it on her behalf. 

This is Nicky’s favorite and she eats it on just about everything.   She enjoys it as a dip with pita chips, or on a sandwich (with or without a slice of salmon or egg).   I have even seen her just sit there and eat it straight from the bowl with just a spoon. She will scarf it all down and then complain for hours  that  she ate too many calories which in turn will add a million kilos to her waistline. She will also point out to me that this was my fault–my good cooking is shaping her destiny as a giant blob with stick legs (Nicky will always have skinny bird legs no matter what weight gain. (That is her body type and I find it cute as a button.)     I always remind her that healthy foods have no limits, and what she just put in her body was good for it.  Sometimes that works, other times she looks at me sideways.  It is one of those moments in a marriage where a man just doesn’t know what to say since any statement or answer will be wrong.   I’ll still have open arms even if she adds a million kilos.  There will be simply more to love:) My better judgement tells me that wouldn’t be the right thing at all.  It is best to keep my mouth shut and smile.  

So here is is my wife’s entry to the challenge, Nicky’s Avocado-Feta Smash.

You will need:

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1/2 crumbled feat
  • 1/2 jalapeño pepper (because everything needs a little spice)
  • lemon zest
  • salt, sugar, pepper
  • 2 very small tomatoes, or 1 small  (yellow is the best-hands down)

Gather ingredients.


Cut and clean avocados.  It is easy to use a spoon to take off the skin.


Measure  feta.


Cut a jalapeño pepper and take put seeds.  (Wear gloves or be extra careful not to rub eyes or sensitive skin)  Dice the tomatoes.  I like the yellow tomatoes as they do not take away from the look of the dish and are a bit more mild in taste.

IMG_2898 IMG_2901

Use a potato masher (or a fork) to smash the ingredients together.  Don’t mash too much, it is nice to see chunks.

IMG_2903 IMG_2905

Add a pinch or slat and dash of pepper.  Add the zest of about 1/4 the lemon.   Add one small spoon of sugar.  Gently mix together to incorporate well and to ensure no one gets a bite of too much of one thing–especially the jalapeño pepper:)


Serve with fresh home made  pita chips as an appetizer. OrFor a meal–try with egg on a tortilla or atop toast with salmon and roka.

BeFunky_smoked-salmon-bruschetta-avocado-feta-smash2.jpg   IMG_2924   




Nick, I would have gotten to my entry for the Feta Challenge….it just that I am busy!    Busy staying out of the kitchen since I have a husband who loves to cook:)  Sorry ladies, he is taken!    I have to tell you readers, I didn’t even have dinner today.   I simply poured myself a nice wine while reading a great book munching on  pita chips and Avocado-Feta Smash.  When I ran out of chips…I must admit I did  just grab a spoon and finished off the bowl.

The wine I enjoyed was Alpha Estate’s Chardonnay.  It was a nice pairing sincethe creaminess of the avocado went well with the creaminess of this full bodied wine.  The hint of pear and stone fruit kept the taste fresh.  Yummy!  Thanks Nick!!!





Nicolas and Nicolette Kounelis are the husband and wife team who created the blog “The Adventures of Nick and Nicky”. Read more on our About Us page!

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