Greece’s Healing Hot Springs

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Since antiquity, persons suffering from muscular discomforts have sought comfort provided by the healing waters of nature’s hot springs. Fortunately, Greece not only has an abundance of these natural, thermal springs, but is taking the lead in the tourism industry by offering extraordinary “Thermal Travel” packages to tourists. A company called “Thermal Greece” has very enticing, year-round choices, including five resorts where services are offered year round.



The company is not a travel agency, but a dedicated physical therapy service. It is the brainchild of two men: one is a medical doctor specializing in rheumatology and the other is a tourism specialist. They combined their skills to offer physical healing services in carefully selected, modern Greek hydrotherapy centers. This differs from traditional travel agencies promoting spa destinations as part of a holiday. Those who enroll in a “Thermal Greece” program receive personalized, holistic healing treatments utilizing the benefits of baths in the most outstanding natural hot springs of Greece.

The founders of this service released the following statement: “In contemporary medicine, it is widely accepted that including hot baths in a natural, thermal springs setting, helps patients suffering from musculo-skeletal problems, due either to medical disorders or physical and mental stress. These problems are much more effectively addressed and cured and healing is more thoroughly pronounced and lasting.”


They added that while spa treatment centers have proliferated internationally, the hot baths and curative spas of Greece are among the best because they are rich in trace elements, salts, and other compounds beneficial to the mind and body. “At our unique thermal treatment centers, we understand and employ the ancient knowledge of the benefits of natural hot springs to our bodies. We understand their important role in revitalization, rejuvenation, pain relief and alleviation of chronic fatigue, in addition to bringing about deep relaxation and euphoria.”


To choose a stay at one of five thermal centers, please visit the website of Thermal Greece at The centers are open all year round, are in settings of outstanding natural beauty, and offer excellent accommodations. You may choose from spas in Edipsos, Northern Evia; Agistron, Macedonia; Apollonia, near Thessaloniki; Kamena Vourla, 160 km north of Athens, or Loutraki, 80 km west of Athens. Plans are underway to offer thermal bath facilities in Ikaria and Pozar.    








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  1. susy @aegeansea

    November 2, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Wonderful article! It is one of the secrets of Greece & I’ve taken advantage of the thermal springs! Well worth while!

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