Kir-Yianni Akakies Sparkling

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Each year between Christmas and New Years, I host a ladies lunch. It is always a relaxed event that allows us girls to chat about the craziness and hustle of the holiday season and of course—drink wine. Normally, I host this event with a Greek Theme. As everyone knows my ‘Romance with Greek Wine’, they always expect a great pairing of a Greek wine accompanying the food. This year, I broke tradition and hosted the event with a menu that included Chinese Spicy Dumplings, California Sushi Rolls and a Swedish Cold Salmon.   But, I had to keep the wine Greek of course:)

                                                                  Food asian

Asian food

I opted to serve Kir- Yianni’s 2013 Akakies Sparkling Rose.   It is perfect for a girls luncheon, as it is the most beautiful vivid pink color, and what girl can resist those bubbles? 

Kir Yianni Akakies Sparkling

Akakies Sparkling is 100% Xinomavro from the area of Agios Panteleimon (PDO zone Amyndeon) in Northwestern Greece. During winemaking the grapes from selected vineyards are pressed, and it is from the second pressing that produce Akakies Sparkling. After a short first fermentation the wine stirs on it’s lees for a few months before being transferred to tank for second fermentation. The wine will stay 3-5 months before bottling.

This wine well suited my eclectic menu and I would recommend it with light fare dishes such as salmon, oily fishes, vegetable dishes and Asian cuisine. It would also be well suited to many Greek dishes. I think I would adore it with a vegetable pita such as leek pie. I enjoyed it most as an aperitif—as I opened a bottle prior to the arrival of my guests.

Here are the tasting notes from the girls. Remember, tasting notes are subjective and each person has their own palate, but I think that the girls were spot on:)

Wine was clear. Deep to vivid pink, more cerise, in color. Clean with pronounced aromas of strawberry and cherry, and a very slight vegetable and lees. Dry with medium acidity and medium body. On the palate it was less pronounced than the nose, but the fruit of and cherry and strawberry (jam) was still there. Medium finish.  It was a good wine that was wonderfully refreshing and complemented our menu.


A great holiday wine, don’t just take our word for it. Recently, the Akakies Sparkling shone on the Christmas event, Heirloom Mix of M.A.C. in Thessaloniki.

sparkling wine kir yianni

Models two wine


model kir yianni wine


kir yianni


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