Leda’s Artistic Vision

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Leda Dokoumetzidi is a set and costume designer and also enjoys creating original jewelry.  Her love for dance and performance guided her decision to study and live in London for six years including graduating from the famed St. Martins.

Looking at her artwork and creations it is evident that she incorporates various materials while also infusing meaning to them!  Leda enjoys reusing fabrics giving a new life to them and which help to fuel her imagination in telling a new story.

Her first exhibition was called “Transformations” and it showcased her talent in using techniques of collage, painting, sewing and stitching, paper, plastic and various fabrics.  After the success of the first exhibition Leda went on to participate in three more personal exhibitions using mixed media as well as a few more group exhibitions.

Leda artwork

London encouraged her growth in the use of second hand and recycled materials.  With amazing facilities and an atmosphere that encourages art, she felt right at home.   Athens, although smaller, does have an artistic culture with countless theaters and creative outlets.   Thessaloniki is also doing an amazing job nourishing volunteerism and organizing large events.  It is common for the people of Thessaloniki to come together and offer their services in making the city something even more special.

Prop set up

Leda’s jewelry label is called Dolido, a name that came about one day when her and her friends fooled around with names.  They started taking out some of the consonants of her last name until the name felt right with Dolido.   “It is all about mix and match. The letter “d” is dynamic, in Greek it is “δ”, “δημιουργία” which means “creativity” and begins with the letter “δ”. It sort of hides all the key elements that work for me in order to support the name that I have chosen for my designs. It is as layered as me and my work” says Leda.

Leda shoe

She continues, “making jewelry and accessories came as you would expect easily to me after creating paintings from old and found materials. Most of the creative techniques have stayed with me from my past exhibitions. You can easily trace them in all Dolido pieces, especially the series of revised shoes I made for two years. It started with fabric and now it has evolved into vintage buttons and old beads, from jewelry people give to me, in order to revise and recreate. I also use wood which I carve, paint and decorate, as it is very cheap.  The general result is very theatrical!”

Leda Necklaces

In asking Leda what she thinks about creativity in Greece she says, “It is blooming. Fashion and art in general have improved massively. This development has not come about by the big industry names but from fresh young independent minds. Each corner hides a small treasure. This used to take place mostly in central Athens. Now you can check some very interesting work in the suburbs as well, very hopeful indeed. Of course the internet has helped all of us people with ideas to promote them and let other people know of our work. My short-term goal is definitely to find some quality time to finish my personal website.

What about her life in London? “Whenever I remember myself in London, it never occurred to me that I would do my own exhibitions, I never thought I would work independently from a team (theatre and cinema are almost exclusively team oriented jobs). The year of my second MA at St Martins was an important chapter in my life. I mean all art universities I attended had countless things to offer but this particular one offered something special. Apart from some greatly inspiring tutors I came to realize that theatre and cinema were things that I just wanted to conquer in order to move forward into something even more significant. The previous years I found myself learning how theatre works, how you work with a team, how you create, the research needed to back up your thoughts and ideas in front of a director, etc. London College of Fashion offered me the privilege to open my mind even more to fine arts, installation/performance art, and costume installation. St Martins took me one step further because I was ready to take it. It guided me to reflect on what kind of artist I wanted to be.  After collaborating with my fellow student and great friend Anna Friedlaender in several projects during our studies there it felt so right to be experimental, to create something totally unique. We did some great voice/costume installations. They were amazing; so atmospheric; simple ideas that took on another life when performed. I really enjoyed that time.”

Lastly when asking Leda about her goals for the future she says that her “long-term goal definitely would be to use all the skills I have gathered from all the above projects in my life into a performance: large fabric installations in huge spaces, with dance or live performances. I would just love to keep learning from all these different strands and finally create something spectacular, which will come naturally in its own time;  Perhaps not tomorrow, but definitely after travelling on a very exciting and bumpy road. I trust myself to realize this dream as I have with many others, by retaining my stubbornness despite all the “no’s” in life.”

Final performance

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