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 Livin’ Lovin’, a team dedicated in sharing Greece’s people, products and culture, talks to us about a recent local event:

Greek Brand New

  Greek shoes

We went to an exhibition on Saturday Jan. 10, 2015.   This was a Greek design exhibition like NOTHING we had ever seen before!  The exhibition was at THE HUB in Gazi/Petralona area, a place that does its best to support young and new designers, artists,etc

And we got there! And ….we didn’t know where to look first, where to go first, I would tell Aris “come and look at that”! and he would answer ” no, you come and look at that” !


  Greek Products New

Most of the items were souvenirs- nothing like the plastic “tsolia” or the “flokati” you remember! We saw things that I would love to have at home to use or wear, although I’m not a tourist. Plates and mugs with cartoons from the Greek Mythology, paper figurines, soaps, “tourvas” bags, the traditional “tsarouhi” revisited- so funny! I laughed my head off with the T shirts and the caricatures of the Cyclops and Medusa. I wanted to buy all the Collectible bottles with the Greek costumes. The brick- lamp was so original! The fabric LOVE GREECE bags, and the other ones, with the tsarouhia…..and I could go on and on!


AND THEN…, we asked the crucial question: how do you promote all those amazing souvenirs, how do you export or advertise? Where do you get your funds from?

What do you think they said???? NOWHERE!

We are trying to work things out by ourselves!

We were speechless! All those young, talented, hard-working, persistent people are all alone! In a country whose heavy industry is supposed to be tourism, no one is assisting financially young people who make… souvenirs !!!



Need I say more?

Anyway, what I want to say in the end is : try to find these souvenirs wherever you can and in any possible way. Take a piece of the original, imaginative,hard-working Greece with you! This is the part that will remain in the end!



Thank you Livin’ Lovin’!  We also loved seeing these great new products and hope to get some ourselves!!!  Visit Livin’ Lovin’ s Facebook for more details on where to find these creative and special products!

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