A long walk in Athens

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During the weekends, when the weather is nice, I enjoy walking in the center of Athens. (Unless it’s summer of course, then you’ll probably find me on a beach sun tanning, preferably in Varkiza.)  During autumn and spring (and sometimes winter), one can often find me strolling and exploring around the city.

There are many “starting” points for my walks, but a favorite one is Thisio, outside the metro station. From there I walk towards Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian road. Yeap, I’m going to walk around the Acropolis. I’ll loiter around the various stalls with handmade items and then head towards the cafes that look over to the Acropolis, which are usually full of people (if it’s sunny). In this area there is one of my favorite cafes, Chocolat, in which I’ve waited patiently many times in order to find a table, preferably with a view!

Acropolis Museum

Moving on I get to Dionisiou Aeropagitou street, which is one of my favorite streets in Athens for two reasons: a) here you can see houses with unique architecture (classic or modern) and b) the Acropolis Museum is located here. I believe it’s the best museum in Athens and its architecture is worthy of its exhibits.



From there on, I like to “get lost” and wander in the narrow streets of Plaka, usually taking pictures of buildings and niches for my blog. By then I tend to be hungry, so the walk ends for lunch around Syntagma. If you’re not rooting for Greek food, then I happily suggest Furin Kazan Japanese restaurant on Apollonos street. I usually visit it once every two months! But if you prefer Greek cuisine with a twist, then Tzitzikas& Mermigkas on Mitropoleos street, is your best bet in the area. Don’t forget to try chicken “mastichato”! It’s my favorite dish!
Plaka houses




After lunch I usually make a stop in Agias Eirinis square for coffee, which is the current “it place in Athens and if there is still space in my stomach, I’ll have a cup of frozen yoghurt as well, from one of the many spots around Ermou street!




About Anna; 

Anna is a born and bred Athenian, who loves traveling, fashion and all things creative! likes to write and about and take pictures of Athens, showcasing her beauty through her blog Aspects of Athens.

Because one blog is never enough, she shares her travel and style adventures in Aspects of Style!

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