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My friends and I have been lucky enough to travel around the world, to some of the most picturesque places.  While each country has its own beauty and uniqueness, it seems that the Caribbean islands are the ones that have been more famously promoted for their stunning turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and tropical atmosphere.  Yet, arriving onto a special Greek Island, I was surprised to hear my friends’ remark: “This is the most beautiful place on earth… Why go to the Caribbean when you can find paradise in Europe?”


My friends were referring to the island of Milos.  This island if often overshadowed by the more popular choices like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Rhodes.  But if you are someone who treasures breathtaking beaches and a relaxed island vibe, Milos is the place for you.


On our first day on Milos we went to a beach called Agia Kiriaki where the ocean starts off as an icy, crystal turquoise and deepens to a cool navy blue.  It is located on the southern side of Milos and is a great way to start a relaxed vacation with the organized umbrellas, array of water sports and pebbled sand.  After applying our sun block we headed out to the beach volleyball court where we played a game with some other vacationers who we met.  When we needed to cool off, we all ran towards the water and dove in, where we spent a good hour swimming in the clean, pool-like ocean. To end the day, we all jumped on a banana boat and held on tight for an extremely fun and bumpy ride.

 Volleyball in Milos

Milos Banana ride

After a day at the beach, we headed into the beautiful town of Plaka where there are plenty of Greek taverns to satisfy that hunger from a long day at the beach.  Greek salad, kalamari and a little wine sounds perfect! Plaka is a packed village with so much to do.  If you want to listen to some Greek music, there are plenty of taverns where you may recognize the sound of the ‘Bouzouki.’  Finally, we headed toward a hidden little bakery known for its chocolate pie or in Greek ‘Sokolatopita’ but being so stuffed from dinner, we decided it would be the perfect reason for us to come back to this exiting town on another day.


Day two was dedicated to visiting as many beaches as we could.  We grabbed breakfast and lunch to go from a delicious bakery near our hotel, and headed to beach-one of the day with our bags absolutely packed with all the necessities for a day on a Greek island.  Sun block, a hat, a map, money, water, cheese pies or ‘tiropita’, sun glasses and a good book.  Coffee, being basically a necessity for Greeks, will probably be available at any beach bar, unless visiting a more deserted one.  We headed off to Sarakiniko beach known for its white volcanic landscape, contrasting to the deep blue water surrounding it.  Sarakiniko is the most famous and photographed area in Milos, often resembling a somewhat moon-like landscape. We even found some caves within these white volcanic rocks, which we entered and hid from the sun.  But without umbrellas it was hard to last for long.  So after our brothers dived into the water from the 8 meter- high cliffs, we moved along to the next beach.


Tsigrado is a hidden treasure, which takes hard work to find.  By hard work I mean, fighting any fears like claustrophobia or fear of heights, being strong enough to hold your body weight if you happen to slip, and keeping your balance while making your way down to the beach, through a small 1 meter split in the rocks. While this seemed scary at first, it was an adventurous experience for us.  The beach is nestled away in this rocky cove and the water is the clearest blue ever.  My friends and I were astonished by how each beach seemed better than the last! How is that even possible? And it was only our second day!!!  This beach was the perfect place for all the young couples spending some time together, but us teenagers didn’t mind. With no organized umbrellas on this beach, we spent most of our time in the water and in some caves with shallow water.  But, for those of you not so keen on adventure, Tsigrado beach is accessible by water taxis.

Tsigrado Milos View of Milos beach

After making our way to our hotel, we all freshened up and spent the night in Adamas, where we ate at a local tavern and had some fresh fish.  Energized from all the fresh food, we decided to go to a bar or club. Unfortunately as one of the only clubs on the island was full we decided to go to the nearest beach at 3 am to watch the shooting stars. On the islands, you can see the stars so well because there is no pollution clouding up the sky at night as there are in major cities of the world. We all jumped in the water, which looked so dark that we screamed in fear. We slowly made our way back to the hotel, with many people looking at us walking down the streets at 4 am in our wet bathing suits.  What a fun day.


The next day, we got off to a late start from our continued adventures the day before, so we headed to a beach called Firopotamos.  This is one of the most picturesque beaches because traditional buildings and crystal waters surround it.   Entering the water, we were surprised by how shallow the water was even though we felt like we were in the middle of the ocean.  This beach was organized so we decided to spend the day there sipping on our freddos and playing paddle ball. 

Milos beach

Milos Firopotamos

That night we went to our friend’s house up in a village, with a stunning view of the ocean from high up.  Her mom fed us some traditional Greek food and then brought us some cool and fresh watermelon, which was as sweet as candy. My friends who live in the United States were surprised by the taste of the watermelon and how rich it seemed.

The last day was probably my favorite day as we all took a tour of the island on a sailboat. We sailed around the island stopping wherever we wanted for a dip in the ocean.  We passed a place called Kleftiko, which can only be accessed by boat, known for its enormous rock formations jolting out of the water. We all listened in suspense as the captain told us about rumors of pirates who used to hide behind these rocks during their conquers.  We sailed by ‘Arkoudes’, which means ‘bear’ in Greek, a rock formation that looks like a roaring bear.  We then dove into a huge cave where we all t ook underwater pictures with the captain’s camera.  Lobster spaghetti was served after approximately 5 hours of swimming while the captain took us around the rest of the island as the sun slowly begin to set. We stopped a couple more times at some of the most turquoise areas on the coast and then made our way back to the port by the time the sky had turned a pinky orange tone.

Sarakinikos Milos

Cave in Milos

We finally got that chocolate pie we were craving and ended what we believe was a perfect day!!

chocolate pie


Milos is an island that I truly hope to visit again soon and one that I sincerely recommend people to visit.  Any of the summer months would be an ideal time to plan a trip and because of how many beaches you must see, I recommend at least 4 days of exploring.


Happy travels. 

As a free lance writer, Lydia’s passion for traveling and photography inspire her to create journals giving us a glimpse into her Greek travels. Also as our social media coordinator she will be sharing ideas and discoveries with us.

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