The Little Gem called Hydra

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Most of the islands I have visited in Greece definitely require more than a day’s worth of exploring.  While depending on the size, most islands in Greece have multiple noteworthy locations that are often scattered on opposite sides of the island.  Spending 5 days in Milos or 3 days in Mykonos are a minimum to truly enjoy them. But there are often times that my friends and I just want to get away from the city for a day trip.  There is one island that is perfect for just that…

Hydra is a very small island located in the Aegean Sea and can be reached in about an hour and half by boat from the Athens.

Port of Hydra

Getting off the boat, you will truly feel like you are inside a postcard from Greece.  Fishing boats, Greek ‘papoudes’ or grandfathers having their coffee and playing backgammon and donkeys awaiting their next ride up the little hills will all meet your eye the second you step onto the cobblestone streets. There are plenty of cute coffee shops to choose from and hidden little beaches to visit, often  within close walking distances.

Fruits in Hydra

No buses, cars and motorbikes are allowed on the island which helps maintain it traditional and easy going vibe. The size of the island is optimal for a day or two of exploring by foot which means the 500 donkeys inhabiting the island may well be your transportation of choice.

Greek man and his donkey

My favorite hotel to stay at in Hydra is called Miranda. It was once a mansion belonging to a single family, and now is one of the most magical places on the island.  The rooms are charming and warm, and the back yard is perfect for a home cooked Greek breakfast ready for guests to enjoy in the morning.  The yard full of luscious green plants and bougainvillea flowers.   Of course there are also many more hotels to stay at if you choose to visit this island.

Miranda Hotel

This summer when my friends come to Athens, I will be sure to take them to Hydra Island for a day or two.  It’s a great opportunity to slow down the rhythm of our hectic lives, enjoy a traditional setting, interact with friendly people and feel safe and relaxed on this petite island. Now in my last weeks of college before summer, whenever I get stressed or tired, I think about having a coffee with friends, overlooking a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea on the little gem called Hydra island.

Greek cat on island

As a free lance writer, Lydia’s passion for traveling and photography inspire her to create journals giving us a glimpse into her Greek travels. Also as our social media coordinator she will be sharing ideas and discoveries with us.

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