Tyrokafteri (Spicy Cheese Dip)

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This is a cheese dip that we all love around our house (and many tavernas) consisting mainly of Feta & Anthotiro (a Greek cheese made from unpasturized sheep’s and goat’s milk) mix.  It doesn’t take long to make and is tasty on anything from toasted bread to vegetables to your sandwich.





2  cups of crumbled Feta (450 grams)
1 cup of Anthotiro (250 grams, can substitute with cream cheese)
1 long Florina type Pepper (sweet long shaped red peppers)
1-2 mini hot peppers or cayenne pepper powder (depending on your level of tolerance)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil  


Make sure to remove seeds from peppers and then chop them up.  Saute them in a saucepan with the oil on medium heat until tender. Put both cheeses in a blender and then add the sautéed peppers with the oil from the pan, paprika, and mix all ingredients until there is a smooth texture (add a little more olive oil). 

The dip lasts a long time in a container in the refrigerator (add a little olive oil on top).



 Florina Peppers


Grilled red peppers


Feta dip mixer






I now challenge my neighbor Vicky!!!

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